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Kayla started grooming dogs because of her love for animals over 13 years ago. She had a home-based salon for years and built a reputation for giving the dogs a calm, gentle, and loving environment.

Her goal is always to provide excellent quality service and give the dogs the best experience possible!

Can't wait to meet you and your pup :)

Not many people love dogs as much as Amy does. She's a professional fighter world champion in Muay Thai and loves teaching martial arts. She is also an excellent barber, which made her transition to dog grooming a little easier.

Amy is learning to groom dogs alongside her fiancée, Kayla and is now booking full grooms. She has a really special love for dogs and the dogs love her too!



Working alongside Kayla for two years as her bather/helper, Jenny learned a lot about dog grooming and is a natural at it! 

She has a very calm assertive energy that dogs love and works really well with nervous and anxious dogs.

Jenny likes dancing and going for walks
with her dog, Mia. Her goal is to enter a grooming competition next year!


Kayla’s passion for dogs started her career as a bather/brusher a few years ago. Now she is learning full grooms so she can make dogs look their best. 


Kayla loves animals of all kinds and is very passionate about animal welfare, she’s rescued many animals herself. Animals happiness is her number one priority as a dog groomer. She provides a stress free experience for every dog she works with. 

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Serena has been in the animal industry for many years working as a dog walker, kennel attendant, and dog bather. After being given the opportunity to train to be a groomer, her passion and dedication towards dogs and their health soared! Grooming for over a year now, Serena enjoys working on poodles, terriers, double coated breeds and has a strong interest in creative grooming. She loves to help dogs adjust to the grooming process through bonding with your pet and ensuring that they are as comfortable as possible!

Please note: Kayla A. (owner) is currently not taking on new clients.

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