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We are an open-concept salon in the heart of Hintonburg. Our mission is to give every dog a great grooming experience! That's why we don't use cages, and we will adapt to every dog's specific needs.

Our number one priority at our salon is your dog's well-being and safety. We aim to give your fur-babies the best possible experience, which is why we have salon policies in place.



Early stop:

Our groomers may decide to stop the grooming process if your dog becomes extremely stressed or is showing signs of aggression.

Drop off/pick up times:
For your dog to have the best experience, please refrain from entering the salon or standing by the windows while they are being groomed. We will give 15 minute notice before your dog is finished. Please pick up your dog within the hour after they are finished or a daycare fee of $20 will be added to the bill.

Cancellations/no shows:
Please give our salon 24 hour notice if you are unable to make your dog's grooming appointment. We charge half of the regular grooming price as a fee if you cancel last minute or don't show up for your appointment. The fee must be paid before re-booking.

TLC/De-matting Fees:

If your dog requires extra time because of their intolerance to parts of the grooming process, we may charge a TLC fee depending on the amount of extra time needed. If your dog is matted and it requires extra time you may also we charged for a de-matting fee ($20 per 30 min)

If there is anything you would like touched up after your dogs grooming, please bring them back within 3 days of their grooming appointment.


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